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3 September 2021

Despite every intention to update this site weekly, clearly I have not achieved that goal over the past four weeks.  Depression and subsequent lack of motivation has been the main culprit. Post operative complications from orthopaedic surgery going back to 2019 and interrupted rehabilitation due to COVID closures finally caught up with me over the last few weeks.

I have no qualms in making this revelation. The acceptance of mental health issues in one’s overall health is a positive step forward to wellbeing.  Attitudes are changing for the good as people are becoming more comfortable in calling it out and recognising the reality that mental health management is a legitimate facet of overall health.  There is no longer a need to hide it!


What relevance does this issue have with flight simulation you may ask. Flight simmers are not exempt from mental health issues. I have often said that engagement in flight sim activities is a solitary experience. It begs the question whether, if for some, it is a means of withdrawal and immersion into another world, to block out the effects of the Black Dog.

Should this be the case with some in our community, it is encumbent upon us to consider offering some support. With this in mind I recently made the following post on the FSAu Facebook page:

Seriously, if the Black Dog has bitten you recently, don't suffer in silence. Call a mate or see a medical professional.

For me, moods go in cycles and I'm pleased to be back on track and able to resume work on this site.

Greg Whiley (CaptAus)


It's just under a month to go to North America's community-driven flight simulation conference. The event brings together some of the biggest names in the industry with a full series of seminars throughout the three-day event, plus more.


US Dates: September 24-26, 2021
Australian Dates: 25-27 September, 2021
Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Attend online

There is a unique opportunity for Aussies to attend the conference online, as seminars and other events are being streamed via Fetch or YouTube.



Over 40 exhibitors will be attending the FSExpo. See below for an update on program changes




FlightSimExpo Press Release

3 September 2021

New Partners Announced in Advance of September Show
Since the last community update, exhibitors 1C Game Studios and AIRLAND SIMULATIONS have signed on to participate in-person in San Diego. 1C Game Studios is the developer of the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles series, bringing a combat flight simulation presence to the show for the third year in a row. Founded in 2020 by Fred Naar, AIRLAND SIMULATIONS is working on a helicopter aerodynamics library for MSFS along with a standalone rescue missions game.





































The Oz Flight Sim Expo is the only flight simulation exhibition event in Australia. It offers flight sim enthusiasts of all ages the perfect opportunity to get up close with some of the most impressive displays and product demonstrations.

The Expo is part of the Wings Over Illawarra Airshow, the largest airshow in Australia.





Date: 13 & 14 November 2021
Location: Hangar 1, Shellharbour Regional Airport, Albion Park Rail, NSW.


Are you a developer or contributor to the flight  simulation community?   Why not exhibit what you have to offer at the Oz Flight Sim Expo!


FilbertFiles is a YouTube content creator who produces flight simulation videos. This tutorial is on how to read aeronautical charts, focusing on SID, STAR, transition and approach charts. The tutorial was featured in the last Navigraph Newsletter.