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It  has been a significant week for Flight Simulation Australia. In last week's article, 'FSA endorses FSA', I outlined how the aspirations and objectives of Flight Simulation Australia (FSAu) and Flight Simulation Association (FSA) run closely in tandem.

(Please note the abbreviation distinctions between the two organisations: FSA and FSAu.)

Having closely examined their mission statement and values, I have decided to throw my support behind the advancement of Flight Simulation Association.

An association to unite and represent Australian simmers has been a dream that I alone have not been able to bring to fruition. Through FSA, there is the possibility of achieving this at an international level. Flight simulation is a unique, global hobby.  FSA has a  potential, through widespread membership, to be a central informational agency and representative voice for all simmers.


A particular service being provided by FSA is its Simmer Search. This facility, like FSAu's Register of Australian Virtual Pilots & Cockpit Builders, aims at bringing together those who live in close proximity.

When enlisting with Simmer Search, you nominate the ICAO code of the airport nearest to you, and your post code. The system then automatically advises of other registered simmers within 50 kilometres. The procedures for contacting others listed is remarkably similar to that of FSAu, but in my opinion it is a much better facility and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

You can sign up for a FREE account to FSA at First Officer level, and gain access to resources on their website. To enlist on Simmer Search, a nominal joining fee of USD $3.00 a month (AUD $3.88) or USD $36.00 a year (AUD $46.56) is required.  This elevates you to Captain level with additional benefits. This is such a small amount considering that savings from participating developers and vendors could easily recoup your fee.

Flight Simulation Australia is not going away. I will continue to work towards supporting Aussie simmers. Perhaps in the future FSAu may be a supporting agent of FSA, coordinating and supporting groups formed as a result of Simmer Search enlistments. There are some Aussies listed there already!

I encourage you to have a look at what Flight Simulation Association has to offer and consider joining at Captain level.


Greg Whiley (CaptAus)
11 June, 2021


2 June 2021



Article of the Week

This week's Article of the Week is How to build a home simulator.  It comes from Brad at RealSimGear who offers an outline of the major components needed to create an effective home flight simulator.

He looks at the major hardware components of a flight simulator and the alternatives available. Addon software is covered along with the application of virtual reality (VR). RealSimGear’s hardware addon products are of course showcased.

In an announcement just
released, RealSimGear
have gained accreditation
from FAA for two brand new

simulators in the Basic Aviation

Training Device (BADT) category. The new BADT systems replicate the popular general aviation aircraft: Cessna 172 & 182 G1000, Piper Archer TX G1000 and the Cirrus SR20, SR22 and SR22T Perspective. Full details can be found here




                   of the Week


Gunnies Let’s Fly VFR
Let’s Fly VFR is a YouTube channel run by an Australia, passionate real world and flight simulator pilot. He has 23 years of military aircraft experience in jet fighters and jet trainers. He is a passionate X-Plane 11 pilot and now is delving into DCS.

His aim is to bring you entertaining flights, quality tutorials and fun streams. His playlists include flying tutorials and navigation flights, performance and tuning videos and other playlists on various topics of interest.


Aussie content

Australian websites featured in the Resources Library page are designated with the following logo:









Please note that Flight Simulation Australia has a new email address:



This week we look at simBrief. Established in 2013, it was created with the intent of sharing a series of flight planning tools with the general flight simulation community. Databases are established on real world data, making SimBrief ideal for use with any of the flight simulation platforms currently on the market.




Through partnership with Navigraph, purchasers of Navigraph’s FMS Date product can enjoy the added bonus of unlocking the latest AIRAC for use with their own simBrief account. That being said, those without a Navigraph subscription can still freely use the default simBrief.com database, which is slightly dated. VATPAC recommends simBrief as the best free briefing software.


A logo is just a logo, right?

by CaptAus

Yes . . . and no!

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents. Without an understanding of the intended message behind a logo, it can sometimes be difficult to make a connection between the image itself and the message and values that lie behind it.

So what is the Flight Simulation Australia logo intended to convey?


Light blue inner core: The sky in which we 'fly' and share with each other.

Southern Cross constellation: That patch of airspace in our part of the world.

Airplane figure: It's not a real airplane image but clearly it represents one, that it is simulated flight. The wing in a boomerang shape, provides an Australian context and in recognition that aboriginal peoples were the first to make a purposeful flying object. The tail plane is reminiscent of the tail of the QANTAS flying kangaroo.

Airplane image colours: The different colours represent diversity -  in people, in skills, in knowledge and experience.

The dark outer circle: The unity of theAustralian flight simulation community. The blue is the same hue as the Australian flag.

The gold outer circle: The nobility of flight that encompasses all. Its preeminence drives virtual pilots in a search for immersion in flight through simulation - because . . .


"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return"


                                   ~ Leonardo Di Vinci