Register of Australian Flight Simmers

What would it be like . . . to be able to make contact with like-minded people in your region or neighborhood? 
What would it be like . . . if you were able to get together to form cluster groups for mutual support and social engagement?

What would it be like . . . if cluster groups coordinated to form a national coalition of flight simulation enthusiasts?

If you think there are benefits to be gained from these questions, then why not go onto the Register of Australian Flight Simmers.  An article on how and why you should join can be seen here

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Member profiles

28 September 2020
Joe has been involved with flight simming for the last 7 years using mainly FSX and then FSX Steam.  He is passionate about all things aviation and is very interested in X-Plane and other minor simulators.

31 July 2020

Michael A

The latest member is MichaelA. of Revesby in New South Wales. Michael is a desktop sim builder who is thinking about a full-sized 737 some time in the future. Currently he is building a "hybrid" 737 cockpit using X-Plane. It has no shell and is not quite full sized. He has separate screens for the cockpit and for scenery.  Michael built an almost fully functioning EFIS and MCP using Simvim.  

29 March 2020

Michael is from Sydney. He is an active contributor to the Australian Flight Sim guilders Facebook Group.  The enclosure of his JetMax simulator inspired me to do the same.  Welcome Michael.

19 March 2020
Chris is in the bayside Melbourne suburb of Chelsea Heights. He is currently building a Cessna 172 cockpit from the CS-1 plans from Simsamurai.

27 January 2020
Alastair is a member of the Coffs Flight Simulation Group in  Coffs Harbour, NSW. With 8 members, they fly online 3 times a week using Teamspeak3 for comms.The group uses PlanG for flight planning. Flight plans are developed on a roster basis which are emailed to the other group members. The group has a monthly meeting at the Coffs Harbour RSL Club using a special media room and computer provided by the club.  One of the members is a retired commercial pilot who gives tutorials on flight simulator flying topics.

22 September 2020
Joe is new to flight simulation and absolutely loving his X-Plane 11 sim. His preferred set up is VR and is currently upgrading his total PC setup and VR unit to be the best that's available for the best immersion experience.  He would love to learn to fly with a group. Currently he is exploring Australia by air flying up the east coast in his Baron 58.

19 May 2020
Our latest member on the register has had a wealth of experience with flight simming. Maurice has been involved with simming since the first wire frame simulations, progressing from the original sublogic release in the late 80s through FS5 to FS95, 98, continuing through to FS 2000, 202, 2004 and finally FSX. Did a lot of ground work with photography in the early days of ORBX Simulation Systems. Has worked on scenery products and other things like custom aircraft paints. Using Teamspeak engaged in joint cockpit flight training for those who were trying to polish their flying and navigation skills. In more recent times has been away from simming for a while.

15 March 2020

BrettW applied for registration in March 2020. He has built a desktop cockpit but always wanted to build a full-sized cockpit.  He has purchased many parts over the years but hasn't really spent much time flying.  Brett is looking for someone who may want to work on a shared cockpit build project. He has been signed up on VATSIM/VATPAC for many years but he doesn't really use it at all.
Brett is located in the north-west of metropolitan Melbourne where there is already a cluster of simmers. Are there any simmers out there who would like to work with Brett on his project?